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It’s Pie Season

AR-131039983by Chris Osborn

Everywhere I turn, I see the word “gratitude.” It is the word and movement du jour and with Thanksgiving upon us, it seems the topic of the moment as well. And as far as trends go, gratitude is a pretty awesome one, grounded in acknowledgement and fueled by positive intention. Gratitude is the foremost by-product of an abundance mindset. You see, during a time of Thanksgiving, gratitude is the equivalent of being the pie maker versus the pie slicer.

The pie maker knows that there is always more pie to be made and appreciates fully not only the ingredients that the world provides but the opportunity to make and bake pie. The maker respects the process of making pie for others, takes little for granted but also does not worry if there will be a piece left for their own consumption, because one can always make another pie. See, when providing the world pie, those with ingredients seem to find their way to you, often with much encouragement.

The pie slicer is thankful for pie but often times is so focused on how to cut the right size pieces to be properly distributed, that the anxiety of having enough and being right takes away from the gift of abundance. The experience of thanks becomes not about gratitude but instead cherishing what might be lost or is fleeting.

So this Thanksgiving, consider putting down your knife and order a few more pie tins. Let your gratitude feed the world as it feeds you.

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at CTA!

Chris Osborn is the President of Coach Training Alliance. His lifelong learning includes experience as CEO of a large financial services company and founder of several growth oriented service companies.



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