Success Coaching

History teaches us that the secret to success is a passion and purpose that transcends difficulty and obstacles. Literature gives us mythical heroes who have painted vivid pictures of success journeys that are fraught with purpose, obstacles and challenge.

What can we learn about success from history, from life experience and from myth? We can learn that success lies in our ability to access our personal talent, energy and to attain satisfaction and happiness. Success requires the courage and the honesty to unleash the awesome power of our natural talents and to illuminate the purpose that we were meant to fulfill.

While the orthodox definitions of success have changed as our society has evolved from agrarian, to industrial, to knowledge-based, the heart of true success is a sense of personal satisfaction. It is an accomplishment that is nourished and grows with purpose, vision and action.

What Success Coaching Is Like

Success coaching is a courageous adventure, a magical synergy between client and coach. It is a labor of love and acceptance that takes coach and client into a special place of purpose, passion and action.

Excellent success coaching is far more than moving a client along a path of personal and professional strategies and accomplishment of goals. It is a collaboration of client and coach, an ongoing dialogue of non-judgment, acceptance and freedom which illuminates the client's true brilliance and true purpose.

Success coaching is engaging, passionate, purposeful work that allows you to see clients grow and gain in many different areas of their lives and careers. It touches all aspects of work and existence.It is a journey of courage, excitement and challenge that is full of twists and turns, of known and unknown.It is a reflection and expression of all that our client truly wants and needs to be. As clients begin to flex their success muscles, to stretch out of the comfort zone, they move into a place that speaks loudly to who they truly are and what they truly want… magic happens.

The magic starts when they begin to speak to translating their knowledge and truth into passion, vision and action. The magic requires that each part of our life, each dimension of our value system works in combination to great a successful, satisfactory whole.

How Success Coaching is Different

Excellent success coaching requires the right combination of education and life experience that has given the success coach a broad experience with personal success and also failure. You need to have achieved success and to have experienced failure in order to help a client reach his/her apex of personal and professional excellence and satisfaction.

It requires individuals who are not only trained in coaching, but work with mind and heart aligned to excavate the true seedbed of a client's success through a journey of trial, error and accomplishment.

Excellent success coaching requires that the coach remove his or her perspective of success in order to truly understand the perspective of the client. The success coach has to totally let go of his/her personal understanding of success in order to understand what success truly means to the client.

It is only through honest, confidential, safe communication that we can move clients to a place of illumination, personal growth and potential that will allow them to fulfill their destiny of choice. To do so, coaches must understand that there is a special place where we let go of intellect and fuse with the special purpose of our client, to illuminate their personal and professional best, their success path. It is a dance of appreciation; a tango of acceptance and service that necessitates being able to change the tune and change the steps to meet the best purpose and passion of the client.

Success for our clients, and for ourselves as success coaches, is based on honestly accessing what gives and has meaning, relevance, passion and purpose for the client. In so doing, we work hand-in-hand to develop a greater personal understanding of purpose and passion and ways to translate them into effective, ongoing action and motivation.

What You Need To Know To Be a Success Coach

Success coaching requires a particular ability to facilitate the client's courage for self awareness, and his/her willingness to move past the intellectual in order to combine mind, body and soul in a path of positive transformation. Sometimes a client's personal definition of success changes through coaching, other times clients may find that success was clearer and nearer to what they were doing than they anticipated.

Some coaching sessions bring great revelation, others acceptance of the realization of patterns and actions that sabotage success. Success coaching sessions are always alive with new possibilities and can evoke the best and the worst in clients. They move past their self imposed limitations and the expectations of others to a place of true passion, purpose and action.

Success coaching requires the courage, commitment, confidentiality and mutual respect to move out of the comfort zone in order to explore values, vision and mission. It is the juncture of honest communication, awareness, passion and purpose.

Coaching is a place where the success coach can reach beyond the intellectual and the tangible to excavate and access the client's power and purpose. The client can then develop new strategies and perspectives of full engagement, satisfaction and success.