The Nuts & Bolts of Making Money Packaging What You Know



Spinning One Idea into Thousands of $$$

I bet you don't know that all you need is one good idea.

  • Are you ready to leverage what you already know and talk about it all day long?
  • Are you interested to learn how to create a whole variety of products and services?
  • Are you curious about developing products and services at different price points in your mix of services?
  • Would it be of value to you to know how to deliver non-stop value to your target market?
  • Do you like the idea of earning thousands of dollars while you’re sleeping or on vacation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this TeleClass Series was made for you!

Here's What You Need to Know

It is essential for entrepreneurs to understand it is NOT necessary to reinvent the wheel over and over and over to be successful over the long-term and to continually assure profitability.

Now you can learn how to create multiple products and services from a single idea!

You can become a subject matter expert, add massive value to those in your target market, charge higher fees, and create leveraged income for the long-term by learning how to package what you already know!

What You Will Learn in This Training

  • Discover what you really need to know about Intellectual Property
  • Understand the basics of Copyright Law
  • Create a system to stop others who will infringe on your rights
  • Use specific strategies to build a marketing funnel that will be the workhorse of your long-term marketing plan
  • Learn how to take one idea and create a number of products and services that folks will buy
  • Learn how to drive highly-targeted, continuous traffic to your marketing funnel supported by “in-demand” mix of products and services from one good idea
  • Recognize that your ideas are worth GOLD! Make your ideas pay you real dollars over the long-term.

Your Expert Guide

JACKIE BLACK, PH.D., BCC is an internationally recognized Relationship Expert, Educator, Author and Coach; and an experienced Mentor Coach and Trainer. Dr. Jackie was named by COSMO as one of their “most beloved international love gurus.” She has a unique combination of academic expertise and training along with extensive business and life experience. Her business career includes more than 15 years in corporate settings, with key positions in marketing for a General Mills subsidiary and in the management of Los Angeles-area high-rise office buildings. Early in her corporate career she earned a Certificate in Management Effectiveness (CME) from the University of Southern California, Graduate School of Business. Later, she returned to school to earn a Ph.D. in psychology.

Over a period of several years, Dr. Jackie started her counseling practice and left the corporate world. A number of years later she transitioned out of counseling into Coaching, first being certified by CTA, then studying at ILCT (Institute for Life Coach Training) and completing advanced studies in relationship coaching at the Relationship Coaching Institute. Dr. Jackie’s relationship coaching business rapidly grew to include clients from throughout the United States and around the world. Dr. Jackie sends her monthly Relationship Tip Sheet to men and women in over 38 countries, and is the author of the Cracking The Code series of relationship-focused books. 

Dr. Jackie is a Mentor Coach and trainer at Coach Training Alliance, one of the top coach training schools in the world and her Alma Mater.

In addition being a Mentor Coach and Trainer at CTA, Dr. Jackie provides mentor coaching services to a limited number of clients every year through her Mentor Coaching Center ( Dr. Jackie is the former President of and the former Director of Practice Development for the Relationship Coaching Institute, where she provided training and support to entrepreneurs and sole practitioners in building their private practices.

Who Is This Program For?  

New and experienced coaches and other solo-preneurs who can no longer afford to simply deliver services to clients, and who understand the importance of maximizing their opportunity to create leveraged income for the long-term by taking one good idea and spinning it into several products and services at a variety of price points.


The Nuts & Bolts of
Making Money Packaging What You Know

May 5 & May 12, 2014
9 - 11pm Eastern Time

Two 2 hour Sessions, only $149
(Normally $298. Register today to receive 1/2 off)

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* This coach specific training program teaches the Core Competencies of the International Coach Federation and may be applied toward certification through the ICF Portfolio Track.


--- Hot-Seat Coaching Opportunities in Every Session ---
Take advantage of this opportunity to be coached by Dr. Jackie and take just one idea and create a number of solid products and services in a variety of price points that folks will buy.

HOT-SEAT COACHING OPPORTUNITY: If you wish to insure your opportunity to be coached by Dr. Jackie during this TeleSeminar, please send her an email and she will include your name on the list. Dr. Jackie will be taking questions from the floor as well!   If you just want to listen to Dr. Jackie coach others, make sure you have a pen and lots of paper because you’ll be sure to get more ideas than you can possibly imagine!