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Our Graduates Weigh-in

It was really helpful to practice the coaching sessions, and to have others provide feedback.  It’s tough to learn something and then never get to really use it in a way where you can get real-time, meaningful feedback.

Sr. HR Strategist

Your seminars are a clear, concise, enlightening, and motivating blend of science and humanity.

Robert Leung, CTIHeart of Man Coaching

The CTA program is amazing. Very thorough utilizing Coach Training Accelerator audio program, small classes and a mentor coach. I particularly loved having Nan Einarson as my mentor coach. It’s been 3+ years and my “coach the coach” buddy and I still connect every week.

Rhonda CimorelliHeart of Man Coaching

How our own stories shape and mold us is helping my clients create new stories.

Betty DanglerCatalyst4Action, LLC

I was so caught up in your presentation, I was not able to take notes.  I did not want to miss a word.  It is exceptionally helpful to have the replays available.

Libby StaffordWealth Management Services

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars and found your insight both motivational and stimulating.  The reference material and exercises are a fantastic resource.

Kevin W. DaleyFounderAvenue Coaching, Inc.

Insight into how stories are formed and used by individuals to influence behavioral change was immensely useful.

William K. Appelgate, PhD, CPCExecutive DirectorIowa Chronic Care Consortium

Powerful, relevant, and exciting material. I have literally spent hours going over the recordings after the seminars.

Kymberly Johnson MA, LPCC, PCCSenior Program CoachNewfield Network

Since taking the seminar I have used your concept of change and transition as new stories with a number of my clients going through major life transitions.  It is like someone turned a light on in their heads.  The material was great and the delivery was excellent.

Phillip A. Callicutt, Ed.D., CPCCEOCreative Adventures In Leadership, LLC

This has been the single greatest training that I have received in my 15 year professional career. Prior to completing it, I had done pretty well using my ability to solve problems quickly and create action in myself and others, but this course has taught me that my impact to the organization can be magnified many times by coaching others to do the same. Drawing solutions out versus giving them breeds problem solvers and more work can be done with the same resources over time. It’s powerful, powerful stuff. As a result of Co-Creative Coaching Training, I’m a better listener and I’m more focused on the development of the organization’s human resources rather than just their performance. It’s exactly what I needed to round out my skill set.

Jeff HentgesEVP Operations100 Year Old Large Multinational Corporation

“The life of God within us.” It is thought that our spirit resides in the center of our bodies near our hearts. Sometimes we refer to it as our heart, receiving messages from there that have the power to awaken our aliveness – “in my heart I know…”

Saint Teresaon the definition of Spirit


I expected support and encouragement, but not at this high level. It has been very rewarding.

Ann BackesGrand Rapids, MI


The part of the course I like the best and that is helping me build my practice the most, so far, is the course software. It is very well done and useful. I like the examples, resources, sample brochures, etc.

Gail MasonMarietta, GA


This is a fantastic program. You guys have all the bases covered. I loved that this program covered everything from learning how to coach to staring your own business and everything in between. No other course that I researched offered all of this.

Brenda Louis KitchenerOntario


The ‘coach the coach’ sessions and the feedback from those are the heart of the program. Coaching live is where the learning is for me. It builds my confidence and believability.

Mary Alyce OwensDenver, CO


Knowing I have to face the group each week keeps me motivated to stay on top of assignments and make sure I am prepared. I so look forward to each week’s class because it is a solid hour of positive thinking and feedback./

Lisa AkerNew Milford, CT


Overall [the Certified Coach Program] really has everything I was looking for. It is a good blend of handling the business and marketing aspects of coaching along with developing the right skills and tools. Of all the classes and investigation I did this course always came right back on top.

Loree M. PaulsonLisle, IL

This course provided a template for having productive conversations which built trust and made possible a real exchange of ideas… [The skills I developed] makes it easier to identify blocks and overcome them more quickly… We respond faster to challenges and opportunities

CEOSocial Media Firm

It’s liberating to know I can apply the principles learned without giving up my own creative signature (approach) in the process.

Blanca StephensSouth Huntington, NY

Coaching is a professional service providing clients with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside vantage point. The profession of coaching is similar to the practice of a physician, attorney, or psychologist.

Thommy Thomas, Ph.D.Opposite Strengths® Coach

Deborah’s teaching style is both engaging and open–she’s very willing to share her years of experience with all who will listen! The follow-up notes to her classes are extremely helpful and allows for full participation in the class while it is happening!

Coaching Career Transitions Graduate

Thank you Deborah! Your expertise, leadership and passion make learning an engaging experience. I feel so positive and clear about developing my own career coaching practice, it’s exciting. Not only do you offer a wealth of knowledge and effective teaching style, you are approachable and confident, who better to learn from. I look forward to future training with you, please keep me in touch with further coach classes. I love your style and perspective!

Coaching Career Transitions Graduate

I really did enjoy taking your class. I loved that it was filled with content and you taught us (although the coaching opportunities that came up were also great to hear and added to my learning!)”

Coaching Career Transitions Graduate

Tonight was the first night of Dr. David Krueger’s 4 week Seminar …what a great seminar this is going to be. Some of it felt a little over my head…but the Quantum Physics part was really cool! It’s good to know CTA has more courses to keep us going when our class ends.

Leslie HorkinMind and Brain Coaching Mastery: The Art and Neuroscience of Change GraduateFlorida




I use coaching skills during my training sessions… I’m able to reach those participants who really aren’t on board with the training.  Coaching helps me to engage my clients so that it [the training] becomes meaningful to them… This has lead to shorter training sessions that are more meaningful and, as a result, implementations have been much faster.

FacilitatorHigher Education

My previous roles were about giving direction and advising; my way, my opinion, my expertise.  I have learned that coaching is an effective way to get a person from Point A to Point B and letting people be part of the process.  While I may still advise and direct, the class transformed my ability to co-creatively involved others in the process.  When I am willing and able to do this, we reach a better outcome.  We are greater than the sum of our parts.

Strategy Consultant

[Andrew Carnegie] had taken into his business one young man after another, many of them with but little schooling, and by coaching them in the use of this formula, developed in them rare leadership. Moreover, his coaching made fortunes for everyone of them who followed his instructions.

Napoleon Hill on Coaching

There is no more inspiring community than that grown over the last decade at CTA. Coaches whose own path to success is being fueled everyday by the exploration, growth, and inspiration of their students and clients. It’s human development at its very best.

Chris OsbornPresidentFort Collins, CO

I looked forward to every class and really enjoyed them.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

I really enjoyed your classes and I could not have signed up at a better time. I really feel like I have a handle on some resources and tools that will help me in my career coaching practice.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

I wanted you to know that your class has been very helpful to me and I am learning a lot! Please know that your efforts with the class are having quite a significant impact on my life and that you are very generous to have shared all of this information with me. Thank you.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate


This is not a course about information; it’s a course that transforms the way you think and lead.  I learned a new and different way to have conversations with people.


Life presents many coachable moments, both professionally and otherwise.  It has strengthened relationships, made me more aware of opportunities to coach.


I learned how to mentally prepare myself for coaching conversations…  I am a better coach when I do this, more connected to clients, [able to] serve them better.  The class also helped me start asking more powerful questions and reminded me to validate the client during the coaching sessions.. this was critical to my co-creative relationships.

HR Business Partner

My previous roles were about giving direction and advising; my way, my opinion, my expertise.  I have learned that coaching is an effective way to get a person from Point A to Point B and letting people be part of the process.  While I may still advise and direct, the class transformed my ability to co-creatively involved others in the process.  When I am willing and able to do this, we reach a better outcome.  We are greater than the sum of our parts.

Strategy Consultant

My greatest takeaway was developing the ability to ask better questions, having a model in my head that allows me to better structure my conversations, asking powerful questions.

State GovernmentSenior Official

This course is about being a change leader in business.. and looking at growth and development differently…  I also appreciate being able to change myself.

IT Training

If you want to affirm and clarify your life purpose this is a wonderful class to take. Nan provides a safe and nurturing space to explore and share newfound insights with other participants and she gives excellent guidance throughout the course. I especially enjoyed doing the exercises, for example a mind map, or a collage about my life, that showed me where I already am on track and where I need to make adjustments in order to be on purpose. Listening to the experiences of others also was very inspiring. I highly recommend this class.

Lisa VelazquezLiving a Purposeful Life and Leaving a Powerful Legacy Graduate


When people came to me with work challenges, I used to tell them what to do or take an active role in fixing it.  I felt constantly pulled off task putting fires out.  Now, I engage them to find a solution and take action.  My team is capable of doing their jobs extremely well; we are all just now realizing what it means for me to empower them to do so. … I also see more “coachable” moments now that I’ve been through the class.

HRHealthcareNationally recognized health system with 2,000+ professionals

“I set a goal of ‘selling 30 hours of pure coaching in the first year after this program.  I did it in a month.” ….Another unexpected benefit the coaching program provided me was to enhance my skills as a professional advisor… it has greatly elevated the relationship [with Clients] on all matters both technical and advisory.

PartnerTop 50 Accounting Firm

“Dr. Jackie, Just thought I would let you know I have been impressed with the (Art & Science of Coaching Couples) course so far. Your follow up downloads set this program head and shoulders above the competition.”

Bruce BrightBirmingham, AL

“I did A LOT of research on coaching curriculum. You were my first choice, though I did my due diligence and checked out other options. Intuition wins…AGAIN! I have come full circle and cannot wait to get started.”

Lisa ManyokyMercerville, NJ

“I got to experience many different styles of coaching and gained the confidence to achieve an amazing level of coaching mastery within a very short period of time.”

Sarah KirkishAustin, TX

“This program has opened up a new season of life for me by giving me tools, ideas, experience and top-of-the line training to start a new career. I can’t say enough positive comments about how professional yet personal this training was.”

Letitia SukEvanston, IL

“By the time the course was complete I already had 17 paying clients. What a boost to my confidence!”

Ray BrejchaBoulder, CO


I love the classes. I’ve received so much helpful information. Thank you!

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

Life presents many coachable moments, both professionally and otherwise.  It has strengthened relationships, made me more aware of …opportunities to coach.

VP Broker

“My greatest takeaway was developing the ability to “ask better questions, having a model in my head that allows me to better structure my conversations, asking powerful questions.”

State GovernmentSenior Official

“The most impactful take-away for me were the tools on how to implement a formal internal coaching program for my organization; creating the undeniable benefit statement, and setting the stage.  Efforts are now in place to formalize our program, based on the tools we were given with this course.”

Human Capital Consultant (IT)



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