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The Art and Science Series
Devoted to helping you discover your area of specialization and developing it into a profitable coaching niche.  Each program goes beyond the typical “how to” information (the science) and immerses the student in the subtleties and nuances (the art) that truly make for masterful coaching.  Our Expert Guides, who are the best and brightest professionals in the industry, are contributing their expertise in these dynamic teleclasses.

Art & Science of Coaching Transitions
Successful Navigation of Life Changes helps you learn the art and science of strategic navigation of change and transition:

  • Understand the dynamics and developmental stages of both change and transition
  • Learn to avoid common derailments in change and transition
  • Develop new skills for mentoring the transition passage
  • Incorporate psychology and neuroscience to implement changes of mind, brain, and behavior

Starts Monday, October 7 @ 7pm ET

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Art & Science of Coaching Career Transitions
Guiding Your Clients to Finding Work, Enjoying Their Work, and Enjoying Their Lives

Reinvention and multiple (different) careers are commonplace in today’s working world. These factors, along with the strong desire for a better quality of life inside and outside of work, are driving the demand and need for Career Coaches.

Most people in the workplace today live with change on a daily basis. They are in need of assistance, perspective and guidance on how to handle this change and use it to their advantage. Today, more than ever, people need career coaches to help them find new jobs, new careers, or deal with the new challenges (and opportunities) they encounter at work everyday.

Starts Saturday, October 12 @ 11:30am ET

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Art & Science of Coaching Groups
Designing and Enrolling Small Coaching Groups

Are you ready to leverage your time and help more people make measurable and sustainable changes in their lives than you ever could coaching one client at a time?

Is it time to be a leader in the field and deliver the most highly profitable coaching service at the same time?

Decide today to join the top tier of coaches who are including Group Coaching on the list of services they offer and become knowledgeable about the design, development and enrollment of Small Coaching Groups.

Starts Monday, October 21 @ 9pm ET

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