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Organizational Coaching

When employees are coached internally, they THRIVE.

And when they thrive within a coaching culture, employees are empowered to advance their knowledge, becoming more valuable to the organization as a whole.

This is the basis behind organizational coaching.

Imagine what it can bring to your organization.

Organizational Coaching

Is your organization struggling with any of the following challenges?

Here are just a few ways Coach Training Alliance can help your organization…

Millennial Development

Employees were not as far along in their learning and understanding as they needed to be. Training managers to coach helped bridge the gap.   Young employees now feel comfortable scheduling sessions to work through blocks and can problem solve.

Denver Boy Scouts

Fast Growth/Merger

Our industry is growing very fast. We need our leadership team focused on strategy and newly appointed managers to step up and rise to challenges quickly. Training emerging leaders how to coach helped them shift into their new role immediately.

Mortgage Services Company

Industry Transition

Our company shifted from pure manufacturing to supply chain virtually overnight.  CoCreative Leadership training helped us set our focus on common goals and operate as a united entity, helping identify real blocks that had prevented  adopting new behaviors.

Manufacturing Company

Our Organizational Coaching Programs

We currently offer training programs for individuals and enterprise solutions to help prepare you and your leaders to coach employees. Discover how this type of coaching can contribute significantly to your corporate goals.

For Individuals

Live training and certification for individuals seeking to develop talent and coaching within their organization.

organizational coaching in action

Enterprise Solutions

Bring a “Coaching Culture” to your organization. Develop both leaders and emerging leaders, and help teams learn to coach.

Your organization excels when its employees are at their best.

Learn how CTA creates customized workshops, provides basic training for front line managers, trains internal coaches and prepares emerging leaders to meet the demands of the modern day workplace.

Organizational Coaching Insights

Using Coaching to Find Balance in Your Life

Using Coaching to Find Balance in Your Life

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding balance amidst the demands of work, relationships, personal growth, and self-care can feel like a daunting task. However, this equilibrium is crucial for our overall well-being and success. This is where coaching steps in as...

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The Power of Positive Affirmations in Coaching

The Power of Positive Affirmations in Coaching

Positive affirmations are potent tools that shape the mindset of individuals. As a coach, encouraging your clients to affirm their goals and abilities helps instill a positive belief system, fostering confidence and resilience. Cultivating Self-Confidence: Repetition...

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The Art of Active Listening: A Key Skill for Every Coach

The Art of Active Listening: A Key Skill for Every Coach

Active listening is more than just hearing; it's about grasping emotions, intentions, and nuances. As a coach, being fully present and comprehending your client's thoughts and feelings is paramount. Demonstrating Empathy and Compassion: Being present in the...

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How can we help your organization prepare to coach?

Learn how we can customize a program for your needs. Our tailored programs efficiently leverage your managers.
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