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Group Mentor Coaching

Deepen your understanding and expand your skills.


ACC Level Credentialing with ICF

Meet Your Mentor Coach

Carrie Martello

Carrie Martello

CTA Mentor Coach

Starts April 11, 2024

Class meets weekly for 5 weeks

11:00 AM Eastern Time

Pricing for Group Mentoring
(7 hours): $699

Mentor coaching is an excellent way to develop mastery as a coach, deepen your coaching skills and prepare for ICF Credentialing.

Our mentor coaching course is focused on supporting coaches as they learn and grow in their ability to master the coaching process.

This course includes the rigorous practice of ICF Core Coaching Competencies for your specific level (ACC) to ensure you understand and are capable of demonstrating each competency successfully. 

THIS SESSION IS FOR ACC LEVEL. If you need Mentor Coaching at PCC or MCC level, please contact

Group Meetings

One 60 Min Session

Four 90 min Sessions


Mentor Coaching is a mandatory part of the International Coach Federation (ICF)  ACC, PCC or MCC credentialing process.  Coaches applying to ICF for credentialing or renewal are required to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching over a minimum of three (3) months. 7 of these hours may be Group and 3 hours must be individual.  For more details visit:  ICF Requirements. 

Coach Training Alliance designed our mentor coaching offering in compliance with the ICF’s definition and guidelines for Mentor Coaching.  Participants complete a minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching, of which 7 hours are group mentor coaching hours and 3 hours of individual (one-on-one) mentor coaching completed over a period of 3 months.

Group Mentor Coaching Course:  Coach Training Alliance’s group mentor coaching course consists of 7-hours of group mentor coaching. Class participants are capped at ten (10) or fewer individuals.  Classes meet live via tele-conference (audio only).

FIVE Group mentor coaching sessions

  • One (1) 60 minute session
  • Four (4) 90 minute sessions

What do you do in a Group Mentor Coaching class?

Session 1  (60-minutes)
Overview of materials, tools and expectations. Identify areas for individual growth for you personally and professionally. Discuss ICF Code of Ethics and ICF minimum required competencies for ACC/ PCC levels.

Sessions 2 – 5 (90-minutes)
Each week you will review a pre-recorded coaching session and discuss a specific ICF Core Competency.  Identify opportunities for you to improve in this competency, learn tools/techniques to help you grow and practice integrating these tools into your practice.  Collaborate with mentor coach to generate insights, reflections and learning. Identify areas of excellence. Attendance: All group sessions must be attended live in order to receive credit.

Time Commitment: 

Live Group Mentor Coaching: 7 hours live class time.

Homework and out of class activities (reading, coaching, listening to pre-recorded coaching): 7 hours.

What do I get?

  • Examples of masterful coaching at your desired level (ACC/ PCC)
  • Tools for each of the core competencies and live practice using them
  • Focused attention on your desired areas of improvement
  • Prepare you to pass the ICF Credentialing Exam
  • Prepare you to demonstrate your ability to coach at your desired credentialing level (ACC/ PCC) and pass the Final Performance Evlauation.

 Group Mentoring (7 hours): $699

Individual (One-on-One) Mentoring

Once participants complete 7 hours of Group Mentoring, they may select a mentor coach to complete their remaining 3 hours of individual (one-on-one) mentor coaching.  

Individual (one-on-one) mentor coaching is not included in the price of Group Mentor Coaching.

Individual mentor coaching sessions are arranged independently by students directly with the Mentor Coach.  Coach Training Alliance will provide a list of pre-qualified instructors who are part of CTA faculty and their rate ranges (from $150/hour – $250/hour); however students may contract with any Mentor Coach they feel best meets their needs and price range. Upon completion, CTA will verify/validate the 3 hours were successfully completed with a qualified Mentor Coach in good standing with ICF.   Click here or more information about the duties, qualifications for individuals providing Mentor Coaching.

What happens in One-On-One Sessions?  You and your mentor coach will review a pre-recorded session of you coaching a client.  Through collaborative discussion, you will identify areas of excellence, identify opportunities for growth and desired outcomes you would like to work towards for your coaching competency. This is also an opportunity to discuss your ability to demonstrate the minimum skill requirements for coaching at the ACC or PCC level.  


Completion of the Certified Coach Program, Human Captital Coaching Program (or equivalent).

Examples of discussion topics as they relate to ICF Core Competencies:

Coaching the WHO.  Coaching the WHAT.  Impact/Importance of this AGENDA.  Measures of SUCCESS.  Explore CURRENT thinking.  Explore CURRENT feeling.  Explore BEYOND current thinking/feeling.  Voicing WHAT WAS LEARNED about the WHO/WHAT.  How to apply this learning in OTHER situations.  Identifying RESOURCES.  How they would like to end the session.


For Students pursuing ACC Credentialing with ICF

Click on the link below for more information regarding CTA’s Level 1 Program.