10 Powerful Questions for Enrolling Coaching Clients

Unveiling the Key to Enrolling More Coaching Clients

The journey to enrolling more coaching clients often begins with a shift in approach—a surprising revelation that reshapes the dynamics of engagement. One fundamental secret lies in avoiding coaching during the initial discovery session. A common pitfall for many coaches is unintentionally steering this session towards a sales pitch, rather than delving into the aspirational vision of the individual seeking guidance. Rhonda Hess breaks down how to most effectively engage with prospective coaching clients:

The secret to enrolling more coaching clients is surprising. Don’t coach them in the discovery session.

Many coaches find their prospective clients walk away from a sample coaching session feeling “done”. It may be because a sample session is oriented around selling coaching rather than attracting the individual to what they already know they want — the vision of their ideal future. If you want to transform your ability to enroll new clients, engage them in their own story and vision. Help them feel the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Then tell them how you can help them close that gap. It’s easy. Take these steps in order:

1. Make a connection and set up your conversation for success. “I’m really excited to connect with you today. Is it all right if I ask you some interesting and meaningful questions about your ________ (life, business, health etc)?”

2. Get a quick snapshot of where they are now. “Tell me a bit about your __________ right now.”

3. Uncover what they want most. “If you could have everything you want in your _______ in the next 6 months, what would that look and feel like.” Draw the details out in full color.

4. Help them connect emotionally to their vision. “What would _______ (achieving this specific dream/goal) do for you?” “And what else?” “And what else?” “How important would you say this is to you on a scale of 1 – 10?”

5. Ask them to list their challenges or obstacles. “What’s stopping you from having this _______?” “And, what else?” “And what else?” Resist the impulse to coach them!

6. Help them realize the cost of living with the status quo. “What has it cost you not having ______?” “What impact has that had on you?”

7. Show them the bigger why. “If you could overcome _______ (specific obstacle mentioned) what would that do for you?” “And what else?”

8. Gather the gems. “What have you taken away from our conversation so far?”

9. Invite them in. “Are you ready to hear how I can help you achieve _________(their specific dreams and goals)?” Share your “system”, share your fees & terms, weave in benefits of working with you and success stories.

10. Create a sense of urgency. “Are you excited? Let’s get started.” Give them an appropriate first assignment that’s simple and powerful. Tell them what the next steps are. Follow up immediately with your Welcome Packet.

If by the end of these questions they haven’t gotten to “YES!” yet, coach through their objections. If they say… “I need time to think about it.” … honor that. “What do you need from me to know if this is right for you?” Set up a follow up call in a short time. Review in a follow up email what they shared with you about what they want and connect your services to those outcomes. Give this a try and let me know how it works for you. I’ve heard from so many coaches that this approach frees them up from trying to convince prospects how great coaching is. And when you’re not trying to convince anyone to hire you, you’ll find it’s easier to be genuinely curious about them and open to outcome rather than attached to a certain result. Energetically, that alone, can turn the tide.

About the Author: Rhonda Hess co-authored the Coach Training Accelerator™ and designed the CTA Certified Coach Program. She has a super power for helping coaches choose and champion a profitable niche they’ll love. Learn more at Prosperous Coach.

Guiding Clients Towards an Empowered Future

In the realm of coaching, connecting with clients on a deeper level is the cornerstone of a successful and fulfilling practice. By allowing prospective coaching clients to narrate their dreams and challenges, coaches unlock a world of possibilities. The steps outlined—focusing on the client’s vision, emotions, obstacles, and aspirations—lay the foundation for a powerful coaching relationship. As you coach clients through this journey, their passion for their goals intensifies, culminating in a genuine desire for growth and change. Remember, empowering your clients to envision their success and understanding the importance of their dreams sets the stage for a profound coaching experience.