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Executive Coaching vs Consulting. What’s the difference?

There is much confusion about what Executive Coaching is – and isn’t. Many consulting firms have simply gone through their marketing materials and changed the word “consulting” to “coaching.” For many in the business world, that sums up what they perceive Coaching to be, a new word for consulting.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

IT IS NOT about giving advice or consulting. It is not about mentoring. It is not about “helping” others by providing solutions to problems. Getting an Executive Coaching Certification and putting those skills into practice helps create stronger and more productive people that are more valuable to an organization.

While some coaching can appear to be ethereal and too “out there” for companies, that is a much different type of coaching (Life Coaching). There is a distinct form of Executive Coaching that is used in the corporate environment. It is directly tied to personal improvement and increased productivity that in turn pays off handsomely for the organization. Coach Training Alliance provides an Executive Coaching Certification that teaches you how to apply these methods in this type of environment.

Executive Coaching does not “fix” people. It is rare that coaching can be deployed to “fix” those that deem to be in need of a quick change by their manager.

This type of coaching can provide dramatic short term impact for companies. But the reality is that it will take from 6-12 months of quality coaching to manifest sustainable changes. Those that tell you that it can be done quicker are selling themselves rather than sharing a reality.

Executive Coaching is about individual planning, goal setting, and achievement in the context of leadership performance. It’s also about personal discovery and enlightenment. It is about realizing one’s full potential, which in turn, benefits the organization.

Coach Training Alliance encourages leaders, managers and coaches alike to commit to a path of lifelong learning and continuing education. Coaching skills are never the only tools on the belt, just some of the more critical ones to insuring growth and success of your team. Our executive coaching programs not only encourage a disciplined approach to coaching, but also the marketing and business development skills to expand yours and your organization’s capabilities.


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