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Do you have a burning question you’d like to ask an experienced and successful coach? Here’s your chance!

We won’t be able to publish the answer to every question we receive but we’ll answer as many as possible. If you need immediate assistance or have a question about our programs, please contact Admissions Advisor, Lisa Pisano at

I have an opportunity to have a display at a local event. What might you suggest that I include in the display?

Do you recommend that coaches have blogs? Is it an alternative to sending out an e-zine?

What are some of the major issues that beginning coaches face?

How can spirituality and charging a fee for coaching be compatible?

How does a new coach gain credibility with clients, business owners and others?

How can you introduce a prospective client to the benefits of coaching?

Where can I get a list of questions to ask my client?

When is it appropriate for a coach to offer his or her own ideas, insight, and strategies, to the client?

I’ve heard of ‘life coaches’ and ‘executive coaches’, but I’m not really sure what the difference is. Can you help me figure this out?