Changing the World One Authentic Conversation at a Time

In coaching more than 5,000 leaders of fast-growing organizations, I sit beside corporate leaders as they have major breakthroughs – and major breakdowns. As a former executive myself, I’ve also been in their shoes. Here’s what I’ve learned about coaching executives.

Know this:
It’s lonely at the top. Execs and leaders are held to a high standard – their pay grade and title demand it – so it’s hard to admit when they don’t “know it all.” If they don’t get real with their team – and be part of the team, not “above” it – all could be lost.

Executives often get very little feedback, since they have few peers. Their blind spots can inadvertently go unchecked. A coach’s impartial, new perspective can help them see what they’ve never seen before.

When a leader is committed to the process, there’s no limit to their achievements. But it takes real commitment, honesty, and the willingness to see the process through, no matter what. That’s the key to a great coaching relationship.

Feel this:
When a coach comes in and helps organizations have authentic, real conversations – often for the first time – magic happens.

Coaching leaders to success is the ultimate helper’s high, because they often go on to make a real impact – on their team members, shareholders and customers. A great coach shows a client that the road to heaven does go through hell… and it’s worth it.

Do this:
Use your experiences to see trends and create systems that help bring clients out of the darkness, while helping them build the muscles they’ll need after the crisis has passed. Bring your own experience – and empathy – to the table in your coaching.

If you want to grow as a coach, get a coach. The new perspective will help you grow in ways you never imagined.

Author, Kirk Dando, is a highly sought-after and well-respected leadership and growth expert who has been called “The Company Whisperer.” Author of the book, Predictive Leadership: Avoiding the 12 Critical Mistakes that Derail Growth-Hungry Companies, he has coached over 5,000 growth-hungry leaders, including the eight Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winners and several “Best CEO” winners. Kirk is also a CTA Human Capital Coach.