Can I Become a Life Coach?

Technically, anyone can become a life coach because no official requirements or credentials are needed to practice in this field. In fact, you don’t even have to have a certification to call yourself a coach.

However, just because anyone can become a life coach doesn’t mean everyone should.

Can I become a life coach?

The title of “life coach” indicates that, in essence, you have lived a life and have had to potentially overcome obstacles, making you qualified to counsel others and help them do the same. Life coaches enjoy helping and supporting people so they can reach their goals.

While you can become a life coach with no credentials or certification, many people get coaching certification anyway. Life coaching certification cannot make you a life coach if you do not have the raw ingredients already. If you are passionate about helping people unlock their true potential, a life coaching certification program can help you add tools and resources to your practice.

Coach Training Alliance offers several different coaching courses that are ICF-approved. Our courses are designed to create positive change, regardless of the types of goals, and our Certified Coach Program offers a six-month (22 week) program to obtain your coaching certification. With small class sizes and a learning system based on the four pillars of wisdom, this course will have you ready to start taking clients as soon as you graduate from it.

Anyone can become a life coach, but those passionate about the life coaching field tend to seek continued education and certification courses to better their skills and help their clients more. 

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, but you’re not sure if it’s the right career for you, you can take our life coach quiz. Afterward, you can enroll in a certified coach training program, such as our Certified Coach Program, to start your journey to becoming a life coach.