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The Art & Science of Coaching Wellness

Stepping Up Your Practice with the Next Evolution in CoachingWellness is about how simple choices profoundly affect our lives. It’s a $500 billion industry that is contributing high returns on investment for coaches and their clients. Wellness integrates mind, body and spirit with a balanced flow of energy – and isn’t that what coaching is […]


Advanced Coach the Coach

Advanced Coach-The-Coach (20 Core CCE)*
CTA’s Advanced Coach-The-Coach is designed specifically for coaches who want to deepen their coaching skills and/or would like additional support and practice as a coach.

Practice coaching, observe coaching, receive feedback on your coaching.

This course is focused on supporting coaches as they learn and grow in their ability to master the coaching process.


Stress Mastery & Peak Performance

significant challenge is to regulate states of mind through various emotional triggers and high-pressure situations to achieve and sustain peak performance. Just as a gap in performance has more to do with mindset than intelligence, the state of mind of confidence correlates with success more than competence and expertise. In this four part Teleseminar series […]


The Art & Science of Coaching Transitions – Life Changes

Successful Navigation of Change and Transition: Mind, Brain, and Behavior Strategies helps you learn the art and science of strategic navigation of change and transition. Understand the dynamics and developmental stages of both change and transition in this amazing program


The Art & Science of Marketing Your Coaching Practice

Effective Applications of Influence Psychology, Persuasion Science and Neuromarketing

Presented by David Krueger, MD, Dean of Faculty for CTA and author of 24 books, including the Neuromarketing 3-book series by Van Buren Publishing.


Mind and Brain Coaching Mastery

In the last very few years, we have seen revolutionary changes in our knowledge of mind and brain science. New findings in cognitive psychology, neuroscience and performance sciences can be incorporated with strategic coaching to optimize performance.