Coaching Success Strategies


Coaching is only beginning to be discovered by professionals in legal, financial, medical, and architectural arenas. These practicing professionals tend to be highly and specifically trained at what they do, think rigorously and want active collaboration.
They have in common a career dedicated to a body of knowledge, with clients or patients who come to them for the sole purpose of purchasing their expertise. Their precise training solves specialized problems of medical illness, emotional struggles, legal issues or tax matters.
Coaching professionals offers unique opportunities and challenges. They can benefit from coaching to:
  • Know themselves better
  • Understand the dynamics of human behavior
  • Pursue personal development as vigorously as they pursue professional advancement
  • Transition from work ethic to performance ethic
  • Emotionally and strategically manage career transitions
  • Market their expertise and business
Coaching this unique brand of client requires an in-depth look at the coaching theory and application that is useful for professionals. Get inside your client’s head to catalyze change and discover the most powerful and effective secret we have as coaches.

Dr. David Krueger, M.D. is Dean of Curriculum at Coach Training Alliance, CEO of MentorPath, and author of The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill), a Business Bestseller translated into 10 languages