Credibility and Professionalism

How important are credentials? Do your clients expect you to be a certified coach? Will being certified make you a better coach? Will you need to be licensed at some point? These are all valid questions and each will generate a variety of responses depending on whom you ask.

The Reality   

Rarely, if ever, will a prospect ask you if you are certified or where you received your training. What they are most interested in is what you can do for them. What benefits can you provide them? Can you help them achieve their goals? They are continuing their california center facilities for patients who no longer require the level of care dispensed by a hospital, but nevertheless requires continued care.

Rightly or wrongly people assume you are qualified at what you do. Think about it… When was the last time you asked a professional service provider where they went to school?

More Reality   

Here’s what’s also true: With the ability for anyone to hang out their shingle and call themselves a coach, there’s an opportunity for the ‘less than genuine’ types to hurt the profession. Of course, a coach without integrity and honesty won’t be around long.

Your Reality   

A piece of paper won’t make you a better coach. The process of becoming certified, however, can enhance your skills and hone your abilities to a higher level. Certification is only achieved through a combination of training and coaching as a professional. Ultimately, it will add to your credibility and self-confidence.

After hearing all sides of the issues—the benefits and disadvantages, the pros and cons—it comes down to a personal decision. What’s best for you? Is it something you want to aspire to in the future? Or, is this something you need to pursue right now? It’s your call, coach.

Will Craig is the founder of Coach Training Alliance and invites you to look at our Certified Coach Program.