Let’s Talk Executive Coaching

Listen in on a high-level overview discussion of executive coaching with Coach Training Alliance’s VP of Programming, Holly Hutchinson and CTA Faculty Executive Coach, Bill Treadwell.

Why do people hire an executive coach?

There are a variety of reasons why people hire an executive coach, but many of these reasons can be distilled into a few specific categories:

Making Better Decisions
Leaders face a multitude of decisions they need to make about strategy, people, opportunities and they need help thinking through the variety of paths in front of them.  Coaches help executives see the field broadly and generate insights that help them make better decisions.

Having an Accountability Partner
An accountability partner helps leaders get things done.  Leaders appreciate those who help them hold attention on what is important (according to the client) and coaches support them so they can follow through and take action. 

Leaders hire coaches to help them grow and develop.  This growth can be personal growth, professional growth or it could refer to the growth of the company.  Companies invest in training and development for their people throughout the organization; hiring an executive coach to work with them directly is an investment in oneself and the company they lead. 

Dealing with Isolation
Leaders and emerging professionals can often feel like they do not have anyone they can talk to.  Coaches provide a supportive space for individuals to explore, discuss, examine and consider.  Coaching helps leaders address the challenge of isolation.  Without a safe space for creative thinking, executives have a more difficult time making decisions, generating ongoing learning or designing actions that support their vision. 

Navigating Change
Rarely are people or organizations static; they are continually growing, decaying, and responding to shifts in their environment.  The very act of remaining the same requires a great deal of effort.  Professionals hire coaches to help them navigate change.  Change can be internal or external, cultural or environmental, unexpected or deliberate.  Throughout their career, professionals will face numerous personal transitions and an ongoing supply of minor and major professional transitions in addition to the transitions their division, business unit or company must face.   

Why would people hire YOU to be their Executive Coach?
When we understand fully the challenges our clients face, we are in a better position to demonstrate our value to existing (and prospective) clients. While there are a variety of reasons why people hire an executive coach, the value you bring is rooted in the thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Trained coaches help clients address their specific and real challenges.  Sample sessions and assessments are great ways to help prospective clients experience your value first-hand.

How do I become an executive coach?

Executive and leadership coaching is an exciting and challenging career with a variety of pathways:

  • Stand-alone professional coach working with individuals
  • Independent third party hired by a company to coach a leadership team
  • Internal coach working within an organization (internal business partner)

Executive Coaching is an exciting and challenging career, and our International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach specific training will get you on the path to becoming a working executive coach.

During your training, you will experience first hand what it is like to be supported by a coach while simultaneously developing personally and professionally and growing your practice.  You will work with your class to clarify your broad vision, use assessments (personality, skills, 360s, values and priorities assessments) to generate new insights and build awareness, identify gaps and opportunities.

You will craft a strategy to move towards your goals and you’ll be coached through the process to design actions that support your vision.  Throughout the entire course, you’ll have an accountability partner helping you manage progress, while you simultaneously learn how to do this for others.

By the end of your training, you will be able to clarify the value you bring to those you coach and how to attract clients to your Executive Coaching practice. 

Executive Coaches help their clients make better decisions, grow personally and professionally, address feelings of isolation and navigate change.

Build on your existing knowledge to understand the unique challenges Executive Coaches face and new skills and techniques to help you competently and confidently and competently step into your role. 

If you have an inclination towards working with professionals, Enroll in our Certified Coach Program and develop the skills and techniques used by the world’s best Executive Coaches. Our International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach specific training will get you on a clear path to becoming a working executive coach. 

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