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Chris Osborn

Lisa Pisano

A Message for Coaches

These are unprecedented times and we are facing many changes that we could never have anticipated. In light of this, we want to offer each of you a time to hear from us at CTA.

Listen to a special interview with CTA President, Chris Osborn to discuss what the current environment means for us as coaches.

We will take a deeper look into what this time means for us as coaches and the unique opportunities presenting themselves to respond in our coaching practices, and with our clients.

Current Classes

Cody Williams

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Wed May 20th @ 9pm ET

7 Spots Left

Nan Einarson

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Thurs May 28th @7pm ET

12 Spots Left

David Krueger, M.D.

Dean of Curriculum 
and CTA Mentor Coach

Mon June 8th @10am ET

12 Spots Left

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