Homework You Can Give Your Life Coach Clients

As a life coach, your job is to help your clients make plans to meet their goals. For some clients, these can be work goals, and for others, they can be personal goals. Regardless of your client’s goals, homework can be highly beneficial. Here are three types of homework you can give your coaching clients.

Homework you can give your life coach clients

  1. Journal. The first type of homework is an obvious one, but you can request that your coaching client start journaling every day. Journaling can range from writing down a simple one-liner about how your day went to cataloging every significant event that happened to you for the week. There is no wrong way to journal, but keeping a log can be a great way to decompress after a long day.
  2. Focus on your positive attributes. Next, people are highly critical of themselves and don’t spend much time celebrating what they like about themselves. Another homework assignment you can give your client is to focus on the positive attributes. The best way to assign this homework is to have your client list up to 10 things about themselves that they like and then have them recite it like a mantra every day for a week or a month.
  3. Compliment others. Finally, there is a great joy in noticing the world around you, and one good way to get into this habit is to compliment others. Have your client set a goal to compliment ten people daily, and you both will be surprised at how much more mindful and positive your client will become.

Life coaching is a rewarding job, especially if you enjoy connecting with others and helping them reach their highest selves. If you only see your life coaching client once every two weeks or once a month, giving them homework they can work on in between sessions may be beneficial. Homework can keep them focused on what they want to improve in their lives and help them make twice as much progress.