How to be a Life and Wellness Coach

There are many coaching niches, but one of the most common niches is the life and wellness space. Similar to sports coaches, life and wellness coaches push their clients to find success and become satisfied with their job or lifestyle. If someone has a dream of the ideal life they haven’t achieved yet, they need a life and wellness coach.

How to be a life and wellness coach

A life and wellness coach combines a life coach and a wellness coach. While both are quite similar, they focus on two different things that the life and wellness coach niche brings together.

A life coach is a professional who guides their clients to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. Life coaches can help their clients recognize their skills, hone in on their life goals, and overcome challenges along the way.

On the other hand, a wellness coach helps their clients find motivation and develop tools to reach their goals. Wellness goals can range from losing a few pounds to lowering stress and quitting smoking. The difference between a wellness coach and a nutritionist or physical therapist is that a wellness coach gives general choices that can fit any lifestyle.

A life and wellness coach’s ideal client usually needs guidance on moving forward in their career, wants to learn how to utilize their strengths and talents better, is stuck on major life decisions, and likely doesn’t have a successful work-life balance.

If you love coaching people to help them reach their goals and dreams, a career in the life coaching industry may be ideal. However, before you open your doors and start picking clients, it’s important to hone your skills through a certified coaching course. Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program is a self-paced, six-month program that helps you build a practice while refining your coaching skills so that you will have a growing coaching business as soon as you graduate.