How to Become a Certified Life Coach

Are you the type of person who people always turn to for advice? Do you enjoy helping your friends brainstorm solutions to their professional and personal problems? If you feel drawn to this type of work, you may be the ideal candidate for becoming a certified life coach. Becoming a certified life coach means you can take what you naturally do and turn it into a profession, allowing you to help people develop solutions to their problems every day.

How to Become a Certified Life Coach

Whether you want to team up with a corporation to offer employees the benefits of professional coaching or you want to make a little extra money on the side by obtaining a few clients, the first step to becoming a certified life coach is to make sure coaching is right for you. If you are not sure you have the natural inclination to become a life coach, you can take our life coaching quiz. Our quiz will help you decide if coaching is the right career path for you.

If life coaching turns out to be the ideal profession for you, the next step is to look into certified training programs. A certified training program will help you hone your skills and develop solid business practices, so you know exactly how to successfully run a life coaching business. Coach Training Alliance offers independent training courses along with guided training courses and advanced training so you can become the best certified life coach you need to be.

Having a successful life coaching business requires you to have quality coaching skills, business skills, and marketing skills; our Certified Coach Program teaches you all of these things. participate ingroup mentoring sessions allow you to discuss specific coaching tools, techniques, and models. Finally, you will also have the opportunity to practice your coaching skills and observe your peers doing the same. This practice allows you to learn, by example and through direct hands-on experience, how to coach clients.

Once you’re ready to take the first step to become a life coach, it’s time to enroll in a certified coaching program to prepare yourself for real-world coaching. You can become a certified coach with a growing practice within six months by taking one of Coach Training Alliance’s certified coaching programs.