How to Guide Your Client Through a Layoff

People say losing your job can be as impactful on your life as ending a marriage or long-term relationship. Losing a job can be one of the most professionally traumatic experiences your client will ever have, and this should be taken into consideration during coaching.

Here are three tips on how to guide your client through a layoff.

How to Guide your clients through a layoff

  • Work through the emotions. First, many emotions come with getting laid off, and you have to make space for them. The client may feel overwhelmed or stressed or feel relieved that they are out of a difficult job situation. No matter what, there will be an emotional impact that comes with this transition.
  • Evaluate career goals. Once your client has processed the emotions associated with being laid off, they can evaluate what they want to do moving forward. Some clients may want to take the opportunity to switch careers, go back to school, or open a business for themselves, and you can help them discover these things.
  • Make a new plan. Finally, it’s time to help them develop a new action plan. If they seek employment, you can help them create a fresh resume and help them negotiate job offers. If they are interested in working for themselves, you can help them create a business plan and narrow down the focus of what they want their business to be about.

Being laid off is one of the most professionally traumatic experiences most people will ever go through. Because of this, you have to be sensitive in how you approach it with your clients. To ensure you have the tools you need to coach your client through such a life-changing event, you should invest in a certified training program. A certified training program, such as Coach Training Alliance’s Certifed Coach Program, will give you all of the skills you need to work as a life coach, along with connecting you with industry professionals that can mentor you as your coaching practice grows.