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Your Way, At Your Convenience

Self-study program provides immediate access to all the class materials, recordings, assignments, and tools you need to get started.

The Fundamentals of Organizational Coaching will help you establish a foundation for what coaching is, how to introduce it to your organization and how to apply it in your role. Develop skills you can immediately integrate into your leadership style and receive a structure to implement a coaching culture.

Easy & Effective
Coaching Model

Real Coaching Session
Recordings & Transcripts

Live Support &
Client Resources


5 Learning Modules- professional video presentations
Lightning Notes- to follow along with presenter
Required Reading- deeper explanation of presented material
4 Coaching Demonstrations- listen to masterful coaches, learn from others
6 Coaching Transcripts- teaching notes and comments from masterful coaches.
Tools for your organization- use them personally, distribute internally or co-brand
Implementation plans- samples of enterprise wide implementations
Live Support- for material, implementations, or customized tools

Upon completion, you will take a Final Exam, which will confirm your understanding of the material. You will also have ongoing access to Frequently Asked Questions, and may participate in our scheduled refresher workshops and mentoring support calls.

For coaches who wish to receive certification (Certified Coach designation), upgrading to one of our live training courses is easy. Simply notify your Admissions Advisor and the amount of the Self-Paced program will be applied towards the cost of the Certification Course. It’s that easy!

Practice your ability to coach in a safe environment under the guidance of an experienced mentor coach. When you are ready to go deeper in your training, there are a variety of Live Certification courses that will build upon the information covered in fundamentals (new skills, new material, new applications) to help you become a competent and confident coach.

Leadership and Development Professionals
HR Internal Business Partners
Training and Development Specialists
Talent Development Personnel
Managers working directly with Team Members
Members of the Leadership Team
Operational Effectiveness Professionals
Internal Coaches- those entering the field
Independent Consultants
Human Capital Specialists

Total Time Investment: 5 hours (apx.)

  • 5 Hours of Training
  • 6 Video Presentations
  • Required Reading (2 hours)
  • Coaching Demonstrations (1 hour)

Course Modules 

What is Coaching?- What it is, what it isn’t, the difference between mentoring/leading/coaching, purpose and impact on an organization.

Neuroscience of Coaching– Brain science supporting Why Coaching Works and how to apply knowledge to grow capability, shift mindset and drive behavior.

Impact of Coaching– On individuals, managers, and Organizations. Challenges with coaching and opportunities created.

How to Coach– Introducing a structure for productive conversations (The simple coaching model), developing skills and techniques.

How to Excel– Ways to improve your skills, tools to take to your team, implementing coaching and ongoing development strategies.

For some, this training will be a first step in their coaching journey. For others, it will be used to extend their previous training (as coaches, as leaders) further along the path and into new territory. Regardless of where you are today, we look forward to supporting you along your path of personal and professional development.