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The Power of Life Coaching

We all crave vibrant health, unique self-expression, meaningful work, and fulfilling relationships.

We long to play, love, relax, contribute and adventure.

Yet, few of us know how to design a well-balanced, fully-expressed and deeply satisfying life.


Life Coaching Unleashes the Life Each of Us Can Have, Fully and with Meaning!

The answers to these questions will create the foundation for your specific life coaching niche.

   What important changes have you made in your life?

   What do you feel most passionate about?

   Who would you most enjoy coaching?

Our programs taught by world class Mentor Coaches will provide you with the good business and marketing practices and the tools you need to effectively promote your coaching practice.

Your commitment to your education and drive to build a successful coaching practice will allow you to attain the ultimate level of success you deserve.


Enroll in One of Coach Training Alliance’s Programs Featured Below to Start Your Life Coaching Journey Today!


What Do I Do Now?

That depends on where you are on your own coaching journey... Have you taken the quiz?

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Becoming a Coach

 Experience how our training methods enable you to become a world-class coach in just 6 months!

Certified Coach Program

Intensive coach training that incorporates an earn-while-you-learn apprenticeship unique to the industry..