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Masterpiece Living has partnered with CTA to create a customized
certification program exclusively for Masterpiece Living partners.


Coach Training Alliance is revolutionizing professional coaching.
As a leading, global coaching organization, it’s our prerogative to help maximize your potential through life coaching, professional coaching, and personal coaching by enriching your lives and creating better, profitable opportunities. Thousands of coaches have come to Coach Training Alliance for our ICF approved certified coaching programs and continuing education courses. Our specialized coaching programs, courses, and workshops are designed to create positive change, regardless of the types of goals. We aim to inspire and to radically change the way you invest your time and energy for the better.

Develop coaching skills to support others as they work through challenges and create new opportunities.

Masterpiece Living already provides introductory and advanced level coaching workshops.

For those who want to go deeper in their training, we are proud to announce a certificate level.


Thursdays 11-12:30 Mountain beginning October 20th

Regular Retail $2,500.00 – Cost for Masterpiece Living Partner was $1,250 – NOW JUST $999 For THIS Class ONLY!

My Company Is Paying For My Training


Program Overview

Coach Training Alliance’s Coaching Program takes you on a journey as a guide wherein you will be elevated through the latest in neuroscience.

Life doesn’t take place in a vacuum – In the same way, coach training does not take place in a box like a classroom or in a hotel conference room. The CTA Core Coaching program is a hands on, highly experiential learning platform. This class is a transformative experience. Throughout your training you will actively practice and coach. Classes are conducted via live conference call. Each week you will discuss new material, practice it in class and then incorporate it into your way of being. For 12 weeks, you will engage on the phone for 1.5 hours each week to experience sage, kind and challenging teaching, nestled within a community of other lifelong learners. Classes are taught in an intimate setting, with a maximum of 12 students, to allow for individual attention, connection with class peers and an environment of focused learning. CTA Core Coach training creates a personal practice to develop you as a confident and competent guide.

If you miss a class (or part of a class) recordings are available to participants only, however, requirements for certification and graduation stipulate that participants miss no more than two total classes.

In addition to the live coaching, you will reference the course material to fuel your experience, inspire your personal growth and strengthen your coaching skills. Become a Certified Coach in just 12 weeks.

Course Curriculum

The 12 week comprehensive coaching program focuses on five major areas to integrate existing experience and skills with your evolving expertise as a Mentor & Coach. Each coach training session is structured in an intelligent, sequential order which is designed to accelerate your progress.

What Will I Learn?

Coaching: What Is It, Why It’s Effective, and How to Coach

  • Identifying and Creating Coaching Opportunities
  • Advanced Coaching Skills and Techniques
  • The Simple Coaching Model
  • How to Facilitate and Competently Hold a Coaching Conversation
  • Integrating Coaching Lessons Back Into Your life and career
  • Introducing New Coaching Skills to Potential Clients, Co-workers, and Your Community
  • The Business of Coaching  (applications, opportunities & strategies)

Certification Requirements

  • Attendance in 11 of the 12 scheduled classes
  • Active participation in group mentoring sessions
  • Satisfactory participation in Coach-the-Coach sessions
  • Completion of at least 80% of the assignments on the syllabus
  • Reading and implementation of the Core Coaching for Effective Change workbook as assigned in the Syllabus
  • Completion of a minimum of 20 sample coaching sessions (includes live in class and with your peers)
  • Passing the written exam (open book) and final critique coaching.