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Mentor Wisdom

Mentoring has been around for thousands of years. Mentor Coaching is the latest form of this powerful guidance system.

If you study great individuals throughout history you’ll discover they, at one time, served as an apprentice. This apprenticeship usually lasted for years during which time they served as assistants to a master. These masters had them sweep floors, run errands, and do the “dirty work.”

In exchange, the masters would eventually share their secrets, their sources, and their contacts. In the process the dedicated apprentice learned to think like they thought, do what they did, and get the same masterful results.

In 1500 BC the King of Ithica, Odysseus, needed someone to look after his son, Telemachus, while he was fighting the Trojan War. He entrusted an old friend to take care of the boy and to impart his wisdom, values, and learnings. This wise and trusted counselor was named Mentor.

At Coach Training Alliance, we’ll help you explore the full potential of mentoring. Our world class Mentor Coaches will teach you to model the value of partnership with your mentee and provide you with not only the coaching, but also the business development and marketing skills to lead to a powerful practice, leveraged in coaching.

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