The Certified Coach Program

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Meet Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Listen to Mentor Coach Cody Williams demonstrate a coach the coach session.

The Word on The Street…


I’m very satisfied with this training so far and I believe our instructor is a big part of that – Cody is amazing! Humble and knowledgeable, encouraging and helpful.


I absolutely love my Mentor Coach, Cody! He’s very genuine, funny, open minded, and smart. He never makes you feel like you’re asking a dumb question and makes sure he gives everyone the same energy by answering every single one of our questions in great detail. I’m so glad I have him as my mentor on this new journey!


First,my decision process to enroll this class was mostly because of my impression of Cody during the ” becoming a coach” orientation. As a facilitator, he meets all of my expectations and beyond. His approach is perfectly adapted to professional adults. He combines intelligence, both academic and emotional, knowledge, humility and warmth. His feedback is always pertinent and spot on. I have been enjoying every minute of this class and Cody is a significant part of it.


Cody is very easy to communicate with.  His personality and communication techniques puts the class at ease about being adult learners.  He is very encouraging and always welcomes questions whether during class or after hours.  He is very good at navigating the class discussions and to stay on topic as well as on time. I am very impressed with his teaching methods.  I could not have asked for a better instructor than Cody.