Become a Certified Coach with paying clients and a growing practice – in just 6-months – in this International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Training

When you begin this step-by-step process, there is no wondering when you will complete the program.

Within six months, you will be a Certified Coach with paying clients in a growing practice.

No other coach training program better prepares you for real-world coaching better than CTA’s Certified Coach Program.

Laurie Cameron

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Laurie Cameron in a Coach The Coach Session:

Listen to Mentor Coach Laurie Cameron demonstrate a coach the coach session.

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Laurie Cameron is the former President of the Denver Coach Federation, and is a CTA Certified Coach, a Master Certified Relationship Coach, an Opposite Strengths Certified Executive Coach, and the Director of the Opposite Strengths Executive Coach Community.

Laurie has trained and mentored over 700 coaches around the world. Through her business, WAKE UP! Enterprises, she also helps executives successfully manage the business they’re really in: Relationships. She is the author of The Sage and Scholar’s Guide to Coaching Singles and The Journey from Fear to Love.