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Accelerate Your Success

Earn as You Learn

If you’ve been searching for a way to create a great career helping others succeed, then you’re in the right place. Now, all you need are the best tools and resources available to set things into motion and create a fulfilling life of financial freedom and personal satisfaction.

The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online program is a proven path to success – built for coaches by successful practicing coaches.

Take the guesswork out of the equation. The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online is organized for efficiency and effectiveness so you’re taking the right courses from the beginning, graduate on time, and have the tools to begin your coaching career and start making the money you deserve.

Join a trusted, reputable coaching community that provides proven techniques, guidance, and tools to launch your successful coaching practice. Thousands of coaches have found their path with this best selling self study program. Blending authenticity, a commitment to success, discipline, integrity, communication and business savvy, the Coach Training Accelerator™ online is the most comprehensive compendium of training material in the field of coaching today.

Your success is our passion.

Program Highlights

  • 20 Lesson Online Graduate Level Program
  • 5 Multimedia Training Modules
  • 3 BONUS Self-Paced Interactive Courses ($560 Value)
  • Become a Coach in 20-Weeks

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Maximize Your Potential

Just-In-Time Learning with a 20-Week Graduate Level Course

Chart a Path to Solid Self-Driven Personal and Financial Success

If you’ve been searching for a way to shape your career helping others, Coach Training Alliance has the best tools and resources to set success in motion. The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online Program is a proven path to success- built for coaches by successful practicing coaches.


Our flexible, comprehensive program can be easily tailored to your specific needs – both now, and as you develop over the course of your coaching career.

  • A Self-paced, self-study program allows you to establish a solid, sustainable coaching practice.
  • Reference the companion guide for ongoing learning and professional development
  • Apply the Coach Training Accelerator™ Online to the CTA Certified Coach Program.
    • Enroll in the CTA Certified Coach Program, a separate 22-week comprehensive live training program, and use the Accelerator in tandem with group mentoring, real-time coaching practice, critique and feedback.

Develop a solid coaching practice while you learn and refine advanced coaching skills for proven success with your clients in just 20 lessons, guaranteed.

  • Learn from the mistakes and successes of others
  • Discover short cuts that take years off your learning curve
  • Accelerate your career in coaching and your ability to earn a significant income
  • Experience several insights about your own personal growth that will enhance your abilities as coach
  • Develop a niche and learn how to showcase your skills and services

Connect to thousands of practicing coaches and build a trusted community founded on the values of the Coach Training Accelerator™ which have guided success for individuals from all walks of life for well over a decade.

Begin earning an income from coaching while you train. You could spend years and thousands of dollars getting trained before you earned a dime. With the Coach Training Accelerator™ Online you build skills as you build the foundation of your business.