Learn, Grow, and Help Others Become More Effective

Coach Training Alliance’s Mentor Leadership Program is an incredible opportunity to integrate your existing experience and skills with your evolving expertise as a leader and mentor coach. Through interactive classes and supported learning activities, you will change your life — and the lives of those you mentor.

The training is meant to provide tangible, applicable and inspired models of Mentor Leadership in those looking to impact:


Community Members


Disadvantaged Communities

Not for Profit and Volunteer Groups

Our children and other loved ones

Anyone working toward a better future individually or collectively

Join Coach Training Alliance’s President and CEO Chris Osborn and Dean of Curriculum Dr. David Krueger, in a program designed to draw upon your experience and develop your ability to create ongoing collaborative partnerships. In just 12 rewarding and fulfilling weeks you will become a mentor coach and learn how to guide people through key transitions and personal breakthroughs.





Nurture Your Skills and Enrich the Lives of Your Mentor Partners

Program Overview

Coach Training Alliance firmly believes education does not take place in a box like a classroom or in a hotel conference room. We establish mastery through practice and actively engaging in our thoughts rather than in a seminar/workshop stressing theories and mechanics. After all, you wouldn’t become a professional tennis player by watching the game on television or a world renowned piano player by just playing the piano. It takes practice. Coaching is no different.

The Mentor Leadership program is conducted via live conference call, though on-site presentations may be coordinated. Classes are taught in an intimate setting, with a maximum of 16 students, to allow for individual attention, connection with class peers and an environment of focused learning. However, classes can be scaled to meet your organization’s needs.

The weekly calls are one hour in length and highly interactive: 10% presentation, 40% discussion and 50% live coaching with authentic work situations. If you miss a class (or part of a class) recordings are available to participants only through Coach Training Alliance’s proprietary Social Learning Platform.

In addition to the live training, you will reference the course material to fuel your experience, inspire your personal growth and strengthen your mentoring skills. Additional reading and out of classroom exercises are fully related to your day-to-day responsibilities and make up approximately 1 -1.5 hours per week. Out of class work is meant to be integrated into your leadership and work already thus not demanding additional time each week. That is, we get real with the Mentoring real fast.

Learning Objectives

The five major areas of focus in the Mentor Leadership Program are structured to develop your mentoring skills, while giving you the tools to successfully mentor partners.

  • Mentor Coaching Definition and Scope
  • Core Mentor Coaching Skills
  • Core Mentor Coaching Principles and Tools
  • The Process of Change
  • Co-Creating and Sustaining Success with Those You Mentor

Training Benefits and Applications

  • Build competency, motivate employees and engage co-workers
  • Build skills that allow you to contribute to groups and organizations in a meaningful way
  • Become the “go-to” resource in your industry or community
  • Acquire lifelong skills which directly and powerfully impact your own life



Complete the Mentor Leadership Program in Just 8 Weeks

Contact Chris Osborn at 888.432.4121 (ext. 4) or Chris@CoachTrainingAlliance.com for Mentor Leadership opportunities, enrollment costs, and/or schedule training.