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Are You Ready to Become A Coach?

Now Is The Time To GET GOING!

Become a Certified Coach with paying clients and a growing practice—in just 6-months—in this International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Training

Becoming a good coach takes practice and time to hone the craft. If you are the person that people come to for advice – you are probably coaching now – you just don’t know it (or get paid for it).

Starting a business has it’s unique challenges, from “How do I start a coaching practice” right on through “How do I run my coaching business day to day?”

Getting started is just the beginning. Your coaching practice will continue to grow and thrive throughout the years when you discover how to attract clients instead of trying to “sell” your services!

It’s All Inclusive in the CTA Certified Coach Program!

Upon registration you immediately receive access to your course software – Coach Training Accelerator™.

Hundreds of coaches have used the Coach Training Accelerator™ to launch and sustain their careers. It is a completely self-contained coach training program we incorporate here as another facet of our unique learning system.

Wednesday, August 3rd
at 1PM ET

Thursday, July 28
at 7PM ET

“The part of the course I like the best and that is helping me build my practice the most, so far, is the course software. It is very well done and useful. I like the examples, resources, sample brochures, etc.”

“The ‘coach the coach’ sessions and the feedback from those are the heart of the program. Coaching live is where the learning is for me. It builds my confidence and believability.”

“The materials are extremely comprehensive. I have talked with other coaches who are going through other programs and they are amazed at the fact that I already have a business plan, I’m working on a website and I’m already coaching clients.”

Questions?  Call Lisa right now!

303 991 0388

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