Three Qualities You NEED to be a Life Coach

Over the last decade, the life coaching profession has grown tremendously. Life coaches are people who enjoy helping others achieve their goals and work towards having the life, career, or relationship they most desire. Here are three of the most important qualities you need to become a life coach.

THREE Qualities you NEED to be a Life Coach

  1. A positive attitude. First, you need a positive attitude. When your clients come to you, they may come to you with personal reservations about achieving success. It is your job to encourage them and put them in a better mindset so they can adequately achieve their goals. This is best done with a positive attitude. In some ways, you are your client’s personal cheerleader.
  2. Great listening skills. Next, it is imperative for you to have great listening skills as a life coach. Listening to your clients is the most important part of your job. Not only must you listen to what your clients say, but you must also take note of their body language and other subtle messages.
  3. Ability to be non-opinionated and nonjudgmental. Finally, you must be non-opinionated and nonjudgmental. Your clients come to you for advice, and because of this, it’s important for you to be able to give them unbiased advice on what they should do. Whether you agree with their decisions or not, you need to aid and support them no matter what.

If you love helping people achieve their goals, life coaching may be the career for you. To find out if life coaching is right for you, you can take our free life coaching quiz. If you discover you are still interested in the career path, you should consider certification. Even though the life coaching industry is unregulated, it does not mean you do not need to seek out experienced educators to learn from. Our Certified Coach Program can give you the tools and training you need to become a life coach in just six months.