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Coaches say… The Benefits of Becoming A Coaching


What Would It Feel Like For You To…

  • Help others to discover and uncover their passions, goals, next steps?
  • Engage in rewarding, soul-satisfying work?
  • Create a lifestyle that reflects your values, honors your family and allows you the time to do the other things that you love?
  • Do what you love and delegate what you don’t love?
  • Be a leader in your field and in your community?
  • Earn as much money as you want? Create financial freedom?
  • Work as much as you want? Play as much as you want too!
  • Explore and create multiple streams of income by designing workshops, teleseminars and groups?
  • Share your expertise and experience by writing a book, workbook, e-book, weekly blog or newsletter?
  • Be your own boss? Make your own decisions? Leave your job?

Why Coaching, Why Now?



Decline of the Family


Fortunate Few


Client say… The Benefits of Hiring A Coach

  • 50% said they now have a more balanced life
  • 50%+ experienced greater self-awareness, higher self-confidence and improved goal-setting
  • 40% felt it had enhanced their communication skills
  • 40% asked for help with goal-setting – financial goal-setting in particular
  • 33% said they had more fun as a result of coaching
  • 25% said they felt that coaching had increased their income
  • Most said they used their coach as a Task Master and as a Spiritual Guide
  • 98.5% said that their investment, whatever it was, was well worth it!

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