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What is a Financial Life Coach

There are many niches within the life coaching profession. You can be a general life coach and help clients with whatever they bring to you, but if you have a passion for a specific type of coaching, you can always center your practice around that. For example, if you love finance, you can be a financial life coach.

What is a financial life coach?

A financial life coach is a person who enjoys working with others to create a financial plan for the future. A financial life coach can cover different avenues of finance, including personal and business. People who may be interested in hiring a financial life coach may be transitioning between working for an employer and starting their own business, getting out of debt, or saving for a major life purchase.

Financial life coaches may have their clients review spending habits, create budgets, outline financial plans, work through the emotional components surrounding money, and manage debt. However, financial life coaches have their limits. Financial coaches aren’t financial advisors, so if the client is looking for advice on how to invest in the stock market or start a retirement fund, they may need a financial advisor instead of a financial life coach.

If you are interested in becoming a financial life coach, it is important to ensure that the profession is for you. You should start by taking our life coaching quiz to see if you have what it takes to become a life coach. If so, the next step is to invest in a quality life coaching certification course, such as our Certified Coach Program, so you can learn a variety of techniques to help your clients work towards achieving their financial goals.