What Is The Best Life Coach Certification

Like any other profession, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary certifications to practice in the life coaching field. The best life coach certification programs prepare you to work as a certified life coach. These programs teach skills such as effective communication and problem-solving. They also give tips on working with clients in a variety of settings.

Anyone can call themselves a life coach. However, to practice as an ICF certified coach and give your clients the best coaching available, it’s best to complete a life coach certification program. This begs the question – what is the best life coach certification?

There are hundreds of life coaching programs out there, but the best life coach certification programs are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Most of these programs also allow you to apply for ICF credentials once you’ve completed the course.

The absolute best life coach certification programs aren’t cheap, but they are an investment in your career field. They cover all areas of coaching, including giving new coaches time to practice their skills and gain feedback from other professionals. Most programs offer a well-rounded program that can be done online or as a self-study.

For example, Coach Training Alliance offers a six-month program that is approved by the ICF and has certified over 10,000 coaches from 45 different countries. With small, intimate class sizes of no more than twelve participants at a time, we focus on the LearnMore System and the Four Pillars of Wisdom to give our coaching students a well-rounded and interactive learning environment. Weekly tele-sessions and group coaching sessions are included in our course.

Our courses don’t just cover coaching techniques, but they also cover marketing and business skills, including how to start a home-based business and attract clients. The sole purpose of our course is to provide our clients with real-life practice, so they feel comfortable and confident when they start their journey as a professional life coach.