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What is Yoga Coaching?

The life coaching industry has dozens of niches, and one of the most unique niches is yoga coaching. If you have never heard of yoga coaching, you’re not alone. Yoga coaching is a life coaching niche that combines being a yoga instructor with a holistic wellness provider.

What is yoga coaching?

If you have a passion for holistic living, yoga, and life coaching, you may be interested in becoming a yoga coach. A yoga coach combines a yoga instructor and a life coach. Yoga coaches take a unique approach to both industries. A yoga coach will coach their students through challenges and changing habits for better health and longevity.

Because yoga teachers know intimately how what we fuel our body with affects our life and practice, yoga coaches can better assess the root causes of anxiety or stress and their clients lives. They can also advise ways to change these feelings through a combination of yoga practice and lifestyle changes.

Especially if you are passionate about yoga, you may be interested in becoming a yoga coach to help your clients on and off the mat. You may often find that people who practice yoga may be working against their yoga instruction in their daily lives. They may not understand how to make these lasting changes, and that is where you can assist them.

Even if you are a natural at helping others, it can be beneficial to seek out certification. Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program can help you hone your skills to better assist your clients. Our six-month training program can give you all the tools you need to have a thriving practice by the time you graduate.