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Who You Should NOT Have as a Life Coach Client

Most people become a life coach because they enjoy helping others. For the most part, being a life coach and helping clients can be very rewarding. However, there are some people you don’t want to have as clients. Here are three types of people you should not have as your life coach clients.

Who you should NOT have as your life coach clients

  1. The excuse-maker. First, there is the excuse maker. The excuse maker is a person who always has an excuse for everything that happens. They may commit to making changes when they are in a coaching session, but once they leave the coaching session they will not follow through with what has been discussed.
  2. The energy vampire. Next, the energy vampire is a client who takes a lot of energy to work with. This client may have bad boundaries and try to connect with you outside of coaching sessions, or they may be a drain on your emotional state while you are in a session with them. Either way, this is a type of client to avoid for your mental health.
  3. The cheapskate. Finally, the last type of client you should avoid is the cheapskate. The cheapskate is a person who is not going to want to pay the actual price for your services and will always feel like they’re paying too much for what you are giving them. This type of client will never be happy, even if you give them a discount.

When it comes to working with clients, you cannot be afraid to set up a boundary and only take clients that you will enjoy working with. It’s okay to admit that you may not click with certain clients or that you do not want certain people as your clients. Don’t be afraid to set up these boundaries because when you get rid of clients that don’t work for you, you make more room for the clients that do.