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You are registered for the Becoming an Executive Coach Workshop.

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Have Questions? Call or email Lisa

303.991.0388 Option 1

To join the program, dial: 213.289.5050 , Conference ID 547200# at the top of the hour.

Please mark this date on your calendar right now.

February 8 @ 2:00 pm


Be sure to add Lisa@CoachTrainingAlliance.com to your address book/or whitelist.

Important Information To Get Started


Thanks for joining us. Please print out your registration confirmation email and write down the telebridge number and PIN on your calendar.

What can you do to prepare for this class?

  • Review the Why CTA? page and learn more about the benefits of coaching.
  • Write down any additional questions you may have that are not listed there.
  • Gain an overview of what a successful coach must know. A good place to start is the full course outline of the Certified Coach Program.

Using a Telebridge Before dialing in to your class Synchronize your watch. Disable call waiting if you have it. Press * 70 (star seven zero). If you have a multi-line phone, turn the ringer off during the class. Plan to use a regular land phone line or cell phone. Speaker phones and microphones create white noise which is distracting during class. Using VOIP phone systems (like Skype, Vonage, etc.) is generally acceptable, although please do not use speaker phone. Find a private place for the class where there will not be background noise.

A few minutes before the appointed class time: Dial the telebridge number provided for the class. When you hear the recording, type in the PIN number provided. Be sure to follow it with the # sign.

Troubleshooting Double-check the time, time zone, and telebridge number/PIN for the course on your confirmation email. Most difficulties are solved with this step. All class times are listed in ET – EASTERN TIME. If the phone rings, but won’t connect, you might have mis-dialed. Check the number and dial again. If you get a busy signal keep trying. The U.S. phone system can be very busy at the beginning of each hour. If you are bounced off the bridge, dial in again and notify the facilitator as soon as you’re back. If it happens again, try a different phone. As a last resort, dial the operator and have them connect you to the call.

Telebridge Etiquette Background noise – If you have any background noise where you are (dog barking, baby crying, papers shuffling, heavy breathing) please mute your phone. If you don’t have a mute option, press * 6 (star, six). You will still be able to hear the class but others will not hear you or your background noise. Press * 6 again to be heard. Breathing – Please be sure that you are not breathing into your mouthpiece.

Identify yourself – Please identify yourself before you ask a question or respond to a comment.

Sharing – The facilitator will invite you to share, respond, or ask questions throughout the call. Please wait to be prompted.

Cross Talk – If another caller says something that you want to comment on or ask more information about, go through the facilitator.

Late to the Call – If you’re late to the call, no problem, just dial in and be silent until you catch on to what’s being discussed. Let the facilitator know you are there by participating in a discussion when invited to or waiting until an opening to announce yourself.