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5 Types of Clients You Will Have as a Life Coach

Working as a life coach means you will work with a variety of people. People seek out life coaching for different reasons, but the longer you stay in the field, the faster you notice trends. The benefit of knowing the type of client you’re seeing is quickly pinpointing what their driving goals are. This will help you and your client work out a solution faster. Here are five types of clients you will have as a life coach.

5 Types of Clients you will have as a Life Coach

1. The spiritual client. First, the spiritual client will come to you looking for a solution to their lack of fulfillment. They want happiness, and they are looking for passion and meaning in life.

2. The performance-oriented client. This type of client is eager to improve on what they are already doing. Most of the time, these clients are professionals who want to increase their performance.

3. The relationship client. This client usually comes to you because they are interested in improving a relationship in their life. This could be a marriage, friendship, or family, but the driving goal is to restore what they feel has been lost.

4. The work-life balance client. For some people, work-life balance is a major challenge, and you will inevitably get clients who want to develop healthier habits. This client could be dissatisfied with their job and feel like they have lost what is really important to them.

5. The self-improvement client. Finally, the last type of client you are going to encounter is the self-improvement client. This client is ambitious and goal-oriented and is generally looking to enhance their life. They are looking for achievements.

Every client is individual, and they can’t be narrowed down to a specific stereotype. For the most part, each client you encounter will have one particular goal that drives them to seek your help. Knowing the driving goals of your client will help you hone in on why they have come to you for guidance. If you’re looking for training on how to handle these types of clients and others, check out our programs or take a free quiz to see if coaching is right for you!