Is Life Coaching a Viable Career for Me?

If you are looking for an ever-changing field where you get to work with people every single day, then you may be interested in becoming a life coach. Life coaches aren’t therapists, and they don’t focus on the past. Instead, they focus on the future and helping their clients develop goals to become their best selves. If this sounds interesting, you may be wondering if life coaching is a viable career for you.

Is life coaching a viable career for me?

Life coaching is a rewarding career field because you get to help clients every day. Even though these clients will be from various walks of life, they will all be coming to you to help them discover more about themselves and make a plan to reach their goals, whatever they may be. If you are on the fence about becoming a life coach, the first step is to take our free life coaching quiz to see if this career is for you.

Once you have committed to becoming a life coach, you should seek out certification. While the life coaching industry is unregulated, it doesn’t mean that you should not hone your skills with our Certified Coach Program. This program will help you develop your skills and start your business, and in six months, you will have a thriving business along with a certification.

Working as a life coach can be challenging, especially as you start looking for your first client. The best way to attract that first client is by offering sample sessions, so they can get a feel for how it is to work with you. As you help them trust their own instincts and improve their lives, they will refer you to their friends and family, and you will have plenty of people eager for your services.