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Being a Life Coach for Teenagers

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a life coach. Teenagers can go through a lot, with body changes, school changes, and a keen awareness of their future. All this can cause anxieties they may want to discuss with someone other than their parents. If you are passionate about helping teenagers, you may want to become a life coach for them. Let’s discuss how you can be a good life coach for teenagers.

Being a life coach for a teenager

Being a life coach for teenagers is different from being a life coach to adults because teens have different problems and focuses. While an adult may need counseling on navigating a tumultuous marriage or change career paths, a teen is more focused on navigating new relationships and friendships and deciding on their initial career choice.

The main purpose of a teen life coach is to help the teenager overcome the challenges of school, improve their personal lives and relationships, gain tools and research they might need for their professional career, help them gain confidence and believe in themselves, and navigate their lives by focusing on their passions and their strengths.

Because teenagers are still growing and their brains are still developing, there will be a focus on communication, decision-making, and emotional management. While teenagers do grow older and get better at these things naturally with age, having coping mechanisms while they’re young can be highly beneficial.

If you are interested in centering your life coaching practice around helping teenagers, it is important to be in touch with what they most struggle with. It is also important to get a life coaching certification. Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program can help you hone your life coaching skills and start your practice. In just six months, you can be on your way to having a thriving life coaching practice and a coaching certification.