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What Makes Coach Training Alliance’s Education Different?

Life coaches have been around for several decades, but in most recent years, the profession has become much more popular. Life coaches are people who enjoy helping others reach their highest selves and have the life they’ve only dreamed of. If you are interested in becoming a life coach, you have probably looked into certification courses.

What makes Coach Training Alliance’s Education Different

Even though the life coaching industry is unregulated, if you are serious about helping others reach their goals, you should invest in a life coaching certification course. There are many certification courses out there, and it is important to look into what each course offers before settling on one.

If you are looking for a flexible course that will allow you to graduate in just six months with a growing practice and paying clients, you may be interested in Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program. Our program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

We focus on having a class size of a maximum of 12 participants. This allows for a thriving group dynamic and provides the opportunity for meaningful involvement for all of the participants.

Unlike other courses, we use the LearnMore™ system, which enables you to fully experience your knowledge. We also incorporate the Four Pillars of Wisdom™ approach and the Circle of Learning™ methodology because we believe that learning does not take place in a classroom or a hotel conference room. We believe that learning is best done in an environment where you can be actively involved, such as in real-world situations.

Once you have received your coaching certification, you can continue learning through our other continuing education courses. Just because you have received your certification does not mean that you have learned all there is to know about coaching. If you are looking for a training program and community to connect with and grow your skills, you should take a look at our Certified Coach Program and see if it is the right fit for you.