What Are The Benefits Of Coaching Groups?

As you know, one-on-one coaching is not the best way to leverage your time or your earning potential as a coach. Plus, in these economic times, not everyone can afford you one-on-one.

Coaching Groups is the solution – By charging less for each participant in the group you become very affordable AND you greatly increase your earnings at the same time.

Everybody wins!

When you facilitate small groups you…

  • Position yourself very competitively in the marketplace;
  • Create demand for your expertise;
  • Deliver accessible, affordable and tremendously valuable services;
  • Charge group clients less than your one-to-one clients;
  • Greatly increase your own hourly earnings in the most highly profitable coaching service you can include in your mix of services.

Dr. Jackie Black shows you how to leverage your time and help more people than you ever could coaching one client at a time.