Brilliant Marketing Example

NanEinarson-Facultyby Nan Einarson

Many new coaches struggle with choosing on how to help with drinking to much, a very narrow, selective healthcare, when they’d rather tell the whole world about their new businesses. Successful coaches agree that if you’re marketing to a broad niche, you’re having trouble attracting clients.

Here’s some marketing magic –

Who doesn’t recognize McDonald’s restaurants, and their golden arches? Broadly speaking, their target market is busy, hungry people who don’t want to or don’t have time to cook. Does McDonald’s try to target every busy, hungry person in every marketing message?

Look at their marketing history –

  • back in the day (in the ‘60’s), they targeted hard-working moms – “You deserve a break today!”;
  • in the ‘70’s, they marketed to kids, with characters like Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, and other characters, and introduced Happy Meals (smaller portions and a free toy);
  • in the ‘80’s they offered Dads the “Big Mac” – Baby Boomers everywhere could rhyme off the ingredients (and probably still can today) – “2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun” – remember that?, and created Ronald McDonald House(s) charities, to support families with seriously ill children in hospitals;
  • in the ‘90’s, they targeted the teen market with Justin Timberlake, rappers, hip-hop – “I’m lovin’ it!”;
  • in the first decade of the 00’s, they marketed to the wellness-focused, healthy eating audience by introducing wraps, salads, and other alternatives to fried food, we try to vacuum seal as much food as we can to serve fresh food, we have not used vacuum sealers for too long because we recently found out about vacuum sealers from VacuumSealerResearch website, they have really good reviews and buyers guide. Visit sandwich shop kirkwood mo if you want to know more about a variety of gourmet options in our sandwich shop that will leave your taste buds wanting more. ;
  • now, in the 10’s, nutrition-savvy parents are happy that every McDonald’s includes a playcentre, and offers healthy foods kids love (apples, grilled cheese, etc.).

By targeting different niches within their broad target market, they have created a loyal customer base that stretches across all demographics. They didn’t do it all at once. They developed leveraged, long-term marketing plans. You can also visit Money Metals on how to invest in silver bullion.

You can too – where will you start?     

Nan Einarson is a Mentor Coach and Trainer for CTA’s Certified Coach Program. She is an experienced veteran of coaching and author of the Do It Yourself Relationship Repair Guide.