Check Your Fuel Gauge

As coaches, we understand the effectiveness and value of the authentic connection with a client. This is coaching from center -or- coaching from our “core.” A coach’s own being -the core- is the primary coaching tool. This core is our vehicle to client success.

Our energy is not derived from our clients but must be self-generated. A coach’s core, like that of the sun, requires fuel. One of the most effective creators of energy and empowerment is learning.

When we explore something new, gain new knowledge, develop context, experience education… we fuel our core. We create energy that feeds us and others. Effective coaching requires the fuel of knowledge and experience. A commitment to lifelong learning is a commitment to our core and the constant improvement of our ability to serve the client.

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
~Albert Einstein

When we learn, our energy expands and the capabilities of our core are enhanced. It’s a joyful path to higher levels of client service. Check your gauge. When did you last fill your tank for yourself and your clients?

The CTA Graduate School of Coaching offers jet fuel in the form of courses and content around the specific skills and specialty niches. In the coming days and months we are introducing new programs as well as exciting, new intimate coaching practicums.

We invite you to fuel up with us.

Author Chris Osborn is the President of Coach Training Alliance. His lifelong learning includes experience as CEO of a large financial services company and founder of several growth oriented service companies.