Intellectual Property

by Dr. Jackie Black

Intellectual Property (IP) is just a fancy way to identify your good ideas that would be helpful and valuable to others.

And explains that IP is documented or undocumented knowledge, creative ideas, or expressions of human mind that have commercial (monetary) value, are protectable under copyright laws from infringement, and is one of the most readily tradable properties in the internet (digital) marketplace.

Coaching is a seamless process and as such, that means it is all about your clients; and there really isn’t very much room for you to bring your good ideas, sage advice or offer helpful how-to’s.

That’s where your IP comes in!

When you learn how to identify your IP, you can literally spin one good idea (IP) into thousands of dollars of leveraged income! How is that possible, you ask? Because you will take that one good idea (your IP), repurpose it (develop a variety of products and services based on that one good idea) and monetize it, which means make lots of money!

Intellectual Property is valuable because it represents your ownership and your exclusive right to use, manufacture, reproduce, or promote your unique creation or idea. In this way, it has the potential to be one of the most valuable assets a person or a small business can own.

It is the obligation of every entrepreneur to leverage what you know by creating a whole variety of products and services based on your IP, at a number of different price points, while delivering non-stop value to your target market, and earning thousands of dollars by doing it!

The need for entrepreneurs to understand that you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel over and over and over again is essential to your long-term success and profitability.

Give strong consideration to believing that you have at least one good idea that you can spin into thousands of dollars; that you can become a subject matter expert, add massive value to those in your target. This intention produces higher fees and creates leveraged income for the long-term by repurposing and monetizing your IP!

Dr. Jackie Black, an internationally recognized relationship expert, has spent over 15 years in a corporate environment and built two successful businesses. Learn more about Jackie here: