The Answer is Group Life Coaching

The Question Is…     

What is a legitimate coaching business model, that only takes the same marketing effort as one new one-to-one client, that leverages your time and your earning potential, and is highly profitable?     

That’s right! Group Coaching!     

We used to believe that group coaching was an extension of one-to-one work with our clients. We believed that we could only fill groups with the folks who were already in our “base”.

The truth is that Group Coaching is a legitimate business model. It takes the same marketing time, skill and effort to market, enroll and fill an entire Coaching Group as it does to get one new one-to-one client! Group Coaching is the best way to leverage your time and earning potential as a coach; meaning you serve more clients, in less time, for more dollars.

The Benefits of Group Life Coaching
When you facilitate small coaching groups you…

Position yourself very competitively in the marketplace;
Create demand for your expertise;
Deliver accessible, affordable and tremendously valuable services;
Charge group clients less than your one-to-one clients;
Greatly increase your own hourly earnings in the most highly profitable coaching service you can include in your mix of services.

In today’s economic environment people need our services more than ever before and we have an obligation to be available to support our clients. Group Coaching is a delivery system that allows us to do just that, at a price point that people can afford, and in a format that will leverage our time and be highly profitable.

I wish you well on your journey to Be, Do and Have everything in your life that supports and affirms your best and most brilliant, passionate Self! Good luck in all your group coaching endeavors!

Author Dr. Jackie Black, an internationally recognized relationship expert, has spent over 15 years in a corporate environment and built two successful businesses. Learn more about Jackie here: