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How to Advertise Your Life Coaching Business

Life coaching can be a highly rewarding career path, especially if you enjoy helping others. You get to spend all day talking to your clients and helping them reach their goals and become the person they truly want to be. However, once you complete a certified coach training course, it’s time to start getting clients.

Let’s talk about the best ways to advertise your coaching services.

How to advertise your life coaching business

  1. In-person networking. First, starting out, you may not have testimonials from past clients. While testimonials are great for bringing in new clients, you do not need them. One of the best ways to market your new life coaching business is through in-person networking. When marketing in person, you should make sure you have plenty of business cards and a good elevator pitch to offer potential clients.
  2. Free first sessions. Once you have pitched your services to your client, a free first session is a great way to show your skills and show them the value life coaching can bring to their lives. Especially in an unregulated field, it is imperative to show people exactly how great life coaching can be.
  3. Word of mouth. Finally, you can advertise through word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is one of the easiest and best ways to advertise because you allow your clients to advertise for you. Once you give your clients good value, they will sing your praises to anyone they think could benefit from them.

Getting clients can seem daunting, but your clients will come as long as you focus on honing your craft and building the practice you want. While you are waiting for your first client, don’t hesitate to continue learning all about the life coaching field. You can continue learning how to hone your skills by taking a certified life coaching course, such as the one offered by Coach Training Alliance. This course covers all the basics of becoming a life coach and even helps you develop your own practice. By the time you graduate in just six months, you will have a certified coach training certificate and a growing practice.