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What questions should you avoid asking your life coach clients?

Asking questions is an integral part of being a life coach. In fact, where would a life coach be without asking questions? However, there is a wrong way in a right way to ask questions. If you ask the wrong question to your client, you will have a hard time getting the information you need from them. Let’s discuss three questions you should avoid asking your life coach clients.

What questions should you avoid asking your life coach clients?

  1. “Why” questions. First, you should avoid asking why questions. This may seem counterintuitive because why questions are the building blocks of any explanation. Still, the thing about these questions is that they can feel intimidating and overwhelming to your clients. If you are thinking about asking a why question, you would be better off phrasing it another way
  2. Rhetorical questions. Next, you should avoid asking rhetorical questions. Rhetorical questions are questions you ask but don’t expect an answer to. Rhetorical questions are more like statements for effect, but these questions can seem like judgments and leave your client feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Close-ended questions. Finally, close-ended questions should also be avoided. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with close-ended questions, but they do not foster an environment of openness to help your client blossom. Close-ended questions are all about yes or no answers, and while they can be very useful in certain situations, in a life coaching setting, they are not.

You can’t be an effective life coach without asking questions, but it is important to know the best type of questions to ask. If you ask the wrong type of questions, your client can quickly get overwhelmed and miss an opportunity to better themselves. If you struggle with what kind of questions to ask your clients, you may consider a coach training program. Coach Training Alliance has a variety of courses that can help you at any point in your life coaching journey.