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How to Ask Your Life Coaching Clients GOOD Questions?

As a life coach, you will talk to your clients about their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. To ensure you provide value to your clients, it is important to ask them questions that prompt them to think deeper about their beliefs and decisions. However, how can you be sure you are asking your clients good questions?

Three tips for asking your life coaching clients GOOD questions

  1. Start with some basics. Before you can ask in-depth questions, you must cover the basics. Some of the first questions you will ask your clients may seem simple, but they are a setup for later. Don’t be afraid to ask basic questions, even if they seem pointless.
  2. Listen to their responses. Next, and most importantly, it is important to listen to their responses. It is tempting to start planning your more in-depth questions as they are answering your first set but to ask better questions, you must listen to their responses. No matter how many clients you see and how many years you work as a life coach, you will never know exactly what your client is thinking. This is why it is important to listen to their responses.
  3. Ask questions based on their responses. Finally, once they have answered some basic, open-ended questions, you can start asking questions that are crafted based on their responses. This is where you get to really delve into their thoughts, push them to think deeper and challenge themselves.

No matter what kind of life coach you become, it is important to know how to ask your clients good questions. Good questions are questions that force the client to think deeper about their beliefs and behaviors because these are the questions that will help them grow. These three tips will help you ask better questions, but if you are still honing your life coaching skills, you may want to invest in a life coaching course. A life coaching course, such as Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program, will help you hone your life coaching skills so you can offer more to your clients.