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What to Do When Your Life Coach Client Wants to Stop Seeing You

Life coaching can be rewarding because you get to help many different people better their lives, reach their goals, and obtain spiritual peace. However, your clients may not stay with you forever. Let’s talk about what to do when your client is ready to stop seeing you.

What to do when your life coach client wants to stop seeing you

The reality of offering a service means you will not be able to please everyone. There will be clients that you do not connect with who do not continue using your services after one or two sessions.

You will also get clients who stay with you for a long time and eventually become ready to move on. Especially once you have established a connection with the client, it can be difficult to accept. If your client is ready to move on, it is important to set aside your feelings about it and be happy for them.

Because this should be a joyous moment in your relationship with your client, you should both celebrate and enjoy the relationship you have built and the growth your client has experienced. A session that focuses solely on what the client has learned and recaps what you guys have been through over the months or years can be a nice way to close the relationship. It is also important to let your client know you are always available for them to restart sessions or have periodic individual sessions if necessary.

Moving on is part of life, so no matter how great your client is and how much you help them, they will eventually be ready to move on. This isn’t a reflection on you, and it doesn’t mean that you have not provided them with a valuable service. However, if you feel you are having a problem finding long-term clients, you may need to brush up on your coaching skills. A certified coach training course, such as Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program, can help you further develop your skills in this industry.